Wednesday, August 10, 2016


     This morning I wrote the final sentence for Owl Creek. I'm very pleased with the ending. What a relief. Now once again, I face the difficult task of editing and then proofreading many times over. I hope it doesn't take too long because, I'm anxious to get it out to you. I'm looking for a September publication date, if all goes well.  Hang in there, it's coming.  

Monday, August 1, 2016

Computers - AAAACH!!

I panicked over the weekend when my laptop refused to start up. That's where I write my books, but I always back up on a flash drive so I wasn't too worried, except for the future dent in my pocketbook. Took it in to a computer tech, and it turned out that it was stuck in sleep mode for some odd reason. He took the battery out, popped it back in. and a few seconds later, I was good to go. Who knew? At least now I know how to take the battery out if it ever happens again. Whew! Jane O'Brien writes again!