Monday, October 14, 2019

Review of Yesterday's Hopes

I love sharing reviews with you of my books. It's always so thrilling to read or hear what other people think of them. Here is one for Yesterday's Hopes, which is doing just as well as Yesterday's Tears. And if you're anxiously awaiting for the next book in this series, please be patient, I need to go slowly so I can get it just right. I'm hoping to get it published by early 2020. Thank you for reading my books. I appreciate it more than you know. 

Yesterday's Hopes

September 15, 2019
Wow!! A delicious and delightful story, full of searing romance, intriguing relationships, history and mystery!!
Sisters Franny and Dora find themselves happy to be reunited and living in their Gram’s cottage...150 years before their birth!! Living in this time period forced them to make adjustments as they strived to learn and remember to dress, talk, and live in their historical past. Will they slip; be discovered? What would the citizens, especially the men in their lives, think of them then??
This second novel in the time slip series is a page turner! I found myself, on occasion, grinning from ear to ear, admiring the characters ambition, questioning their decisions, cheering their relationships, and jealous of their boldness!
I honestly just loved this book! I’m only sad that now I have to wait for the next book; there HAS to be a next book, because now I have to know what comes next for Frannie and Dora and their men!!
I was given an advanced copy of this book by the author. This is my sincere and honest opinion.

Friday, October 11, 2019

Five Stars for Yesterday's Tears

The thrills just keep coming. Readers' Favorite, a national reviewing company, did a review of Yesterday's Tears and gave me a five star rating. I can now use the coveted Silver Award sticker on one more of my books. (This is my fifth. Does it get any better?) Please note that I do not pay for my reviews and never have. I waited four months for my book to work it's way up to the top of their long list of books to read. Here's the link to the review:  Yesterday's Tears or read it right here.


Reviewed by Emily-Jane Hills Orford for Readers' Favorite
The Clark family had lived on the farm for over a hundred years. The treasures that had accumulated over the years added to its ambiance. Especially the treasured hope chest full of quilts lovingly created over the years by the Clark women. Franny loved visiting as a child and she still loved it as an adult. But this time, there were so many memories, cherished thoughts of her grandparents. Her grandfather had passed years ago, but her grandmother had only recently passed. Franny had come early to start sorting through her grandmother’s treasures. It was a difficult job, a sad job. As she fondly unpacked the chest and studied each quilt, one unfinished quilt caught her eye, particularly a water stain. When she allowed her own tears to drop on the quilt, Franny found herself swept back in time to the Clark homestead in 1875. While her much-loved sister, Dora, and her parents try to find a reason for Franny’s disappearance, Franny settles into life in the past, unexpectedly falling in love. She fits in well, her grandparents having taught her how to survive without modern conveniences. But will she, can she stay?

Jane O’Brien’s time travel novel, Yesterday’s Tears: A Slip in Time, is a heartwarming story about love, community, family, heirlooms and so much more. The characters are believable and the stumbles Franny frequently makes while trying to fit into the 1870s will have the reader chuckling. Figures of speech from 2019 have no place in 1875. The plot moves along with care, allowing the reader to follow Franny’s adventures in 1875 while, at the same time, following her sister Dora’s attempts to find her in 2019. The descriptive narrative enables the reader to feel the place and the events as they happen. The dialogue helps move the story along. I loved this story from start to finish. In fact, I was startled when I reached the end, craving more. Can’t wait for book 2!