Monday, July 6, 2020

Christmas In July 2020

It's Christmas in July at Hallmark, so why not here at Jane O'Brine Books? Cool off with a sweet holiday romance or two.  These short novellas will leave you with a sweet, nostalgic feeling.  Isn't that what we're all looking for in these troubled times?  Oh, and please remember to leave a review.  
Ho Ho Ho!

Friday, July 3, 2020

Happy Fourth of July


  I know some of you are anxiously waiting for  book 5 of A Slip in Time.  We're getting closer every day to a publishing date, but it's still in the editing process. So I thought I might remind you of some of my other series, just in case you have a free moment to read over the Fourth of July weekend.  

     The 13th Lighthouse, book 1 of The Lighthouse Trilogy, covers most of the shoreline of Lake Michigan as the character travels, leading her to a shocking finish about who she is.   Book 3 of this trilogy focuses on a war veteran with PTS.  Be sure to start this trilogy with The 13th Lighthouse, which is on sale for only $.99 in Kindle. All three are always free on Kindle Unlimited. 

Thursday, June 18, 2020

Book 5 Cover Reveal

I'm so excited.  I have just finished the final words in Book 5 of A Slip in Time, called Yesterday's Blood.  What a relief, because I know you have all been anxiously waiting.  Now it begins the editing and proofreading process, which can be tedious, but I will be working very hard to get it done on my end so it can then move to my beta readers.

Don't get too excited yet.  I don't anticipate it being released until the end of July or first part of August, but that is a guess at this point.  Either way, I thought you would want to know that it won't be long now.  Thank you for sharing your anticipation for my new book with me.  I love hearing from you.  Oh, and don't forget those reviews.  They make all the difference on Amazon.   Jane O'Brien

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Yesterday's Woes Reviews

I'm thrilled with the reviews Yesterday's Woes has been getting so far.  Here are a few.

5 stars  Another Page Turner!
I have been given an advanced copy of this book from the author. This is my honest and sincere opinion.
I couldn’t put this book down nor turn the pages quickly enough. The downside is I read too quickly through this delightful novel! If you like romance, intrigue, historical fiction, realistic characters , plot twists, this is a book you will also enjoy. I would enjoy being friends with the people in this novel, although some of their actions or reactions really took me by surprise! Never a dull moment, that is certain.
A wonderfully written novel very likely to capture your heart and mind as it did mine! Although you could read it as a stand alone book, you will be missing out if you don’t begin with the first book in the series and grow with the characters and the town of Twin Lakes.

 5 stars  Captivating read
Spent the day reading this fourth in a series instead of crummy tv. Best one so far. The only bad part, it ended too soon! Great story line, characters refreshingly real, and plot well developed. Excellent read, but start at the beginning with book 1 for complete story. Loved this book!

5 stars  Once you start reading A Slip in Time you can not put them down!
 I have just finished reading Yesterday's Woes. It's just as good as all the others in the series. I couldn't put it down!! Now I am waiting for Book 5. Just when I think it couldn't get any better, Jane O'Brien puts a new spin on it! A must read if you enjoy back in time books like I do!

5 stars  Completely hooked on this series of books.
I have never written a review on any book and I have read about 40 books in the last month alone. I am obsessed with this series and the way Jane deals with each of her characters and I love the way She brings new characters into the storyline but keeps the original characters involved. A lot of writers that have series start out the second book with the original but drop them after maybe a chapter of two. Jane stays true to her characters and keep the throughout her series. She has completely hooked me and now I must read everything she has written.

Sunday, April 26, 2020

Yesterday's Woes Is Available!

A Slip in Time is on fire.  No one was more surprised than me to discover that Yesterday's Woes, Book 4, of A Slip in Time is available on both paperback and Kindle.  Amazon was far quicker than I believed they would be. As of this writing the two versions have not yet been linked in the book search; that will happen in a day or two.  In the meantime whatever your reading pleasure, the two links are:

Kindle ---

Paperback ---

UPDATE: Merged link:

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Book Four is Almost Here

There's been a slight change in the positioning of the words, but it's still the same cover for the next book in A Slip in Time, coming soon.  I am impatiently waiting for Amazon to deliver my proof copy, (it could be here on Saturday) which I will look over carefully and if everything is okay, I will give my approval. Then I hit the publish button and wait and wait and wait for it to go live.
Here's my favorite prayer:
God grant me patience, but please hurry!

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Yesterday's Woes Book Blurb

With my book moving through the hands of others for the editing/proofreading process, I'm getting a little antsy.  My routine is upset because there's nothing to write, so I wrote the Amazon description.  I'm offering it to you, if you care to see what is coming, but be assured there are no spilled secrets here, unless you have not caught up to book book 4.  If so, go no further!  Read at your own discretion.

Traveling through time and life has never been easy for the Clark sisters, but in this fourth book of the ‘A Slip in Time’ series, life is more problematic than ever.  Every character we have grown to know and love has a trouble or ‘woe’ of their own.  Every thought or idea of the way we expected life to turn out for them is turned upside down.
Luke and Fran have a new plan for their future, but there always seem to be obstacles in their way.  Can they fulfill their dream?
Dora and Daniel find themselves in a marriage that’s barely hanging on by a thread, until a tragedy binds them together, but for how long?
Ned London is not exempt from troubles of his own in 1881.  Will he lose everything, or will he be able to forge a life for himself?
Ruth can only stand by and watch as the love of her life, Ned, charts another course; and Mavis, her best friend, struggles to find a way out of being the ‘mother’ to her siblings.  Growing weary of the job that was thrust upon her at an early age, Mavis chooses a dangerous course with a stranger.  Will she regret her decision?
The Village of Twin Lake is growing.  New people are arriving every day.  Some will have a profound impact on the lives of the people we already know and love.  How will they affect the lives of the Clarks and the Graingers?  Only time will tell.

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

How to Get Free Books

I'm not sure about your area, but our libraries are closed along with the schools, restaurants, bars, and just about everything else. No one wants to go to a bookstore if it's open, because someone else may have touched the book before you. Don't get me started on my thoughts about how the media is driving this panic. I've stopped watching the news, anyway. If you're an avid reader you might have said "Oh well, I'll stay home and read." But what happens when you deplete your stash on the floor next to your bed? There's always Kindle, and if you don't have one, here's a simple solution.
I've mentioned this before but it bears repeating for my new followers. The Kindle app is free! Yes free!!! You can download it on your iPad, phone, or laptop. Then if you have an Amazon account, you can buy all you want without touching a thing. If you don't have an Amazon account, get one. It's free too.
If you sign up with Kindle Unlimited -- which is where you pay $9.99 a month and have unlimited access to free books -- you're all set. I believe they're still offering a one month free trial. And guess what? It just so happens that all of my books are listed with Kindle Unlimited, so all of my 16 books are free to KU users. You can't get any better than that. Now relax, and read, and let this world settle down. This madness will soon be over. Stay healthy.

Friday, March 13, 2020

Star Ratings

   I've had something on my mind lately. I thought it would be interesting to hear what my readers have to say about rating books on Amazon and Goodreads. Here's the question: When you rate a book, do you rate it based on the story content, the writing style of the author, or how you like or dislike the characters?
A few years ago when I was working as a librarian, I told a coworker how I disliked the main character in a book by Barbara Kingsolver, who is one of my favorite authors. The book is called The Poisonwood Bible. The character was a missionary who took his family to a dangerous place in Africa because he felt God wanted him to. Throughout the book I got more upset with the MC because I felt he was selfish to leave his children in such a dangerous place. So when she heard me recommend the book to someone as being a great read, she said "I thought you disliked the main character." "Yes, I did," I said. "But then why did you recommend the book?" I said because the author had brought out many emotions in me, and I recognized her skill. I felt like I knew him, and I ached for his family. Even though I did not like the character, did not mean I did not love the story.
   Most of my reviews on Amazon and Goodreads are very good, and I am completely honored and humbled, but recently when I got a very bad review because someone thought Dora was selfish, I was shocked. Some people have told me they are on Team Wade or Team Daniel. Some dislike Dora, but some find her troubled and sad. Frankly, I wanted you to see all sides of her. We all have many sides to our personalities, so I was glad readers were getting worked up over her.
If you dislike a character, but love the story, would you rate the book badly? Would you quite reading? Reviews are very important to keeping the book at the top of the list so others can find it. How have you handled reviews in the past?

Monday, March 9, 2020

Yesterday's Woes Cover Reveal

I have been debating with myself as far as when I should do a cover reveal for Yesterday's Woes, Book 4, in A Slip in Time. I don't anticipate releasing this book until May, but I am just so excited about the title and the cover that I could not hold back any longer. So it is! What do you think?

Sunday, February 9, 2020

Story Inspirations

Sometimes I'm asked where I get my ideas for a story. If you're a regular reader of mine, then you know I write about family and history, and that means genealogy. I've been doing genealogy for 37 years, not every day anymore, but several times a week I pop onto my online site and check things out.
My time travel series A Slip in Time, is set in Twin Lake/ Holton which is where many members of family settled before coming to Muskegon. I thought it would be fun to show you a picture of my great great grandfather, Aaron Kitchen, a civil war veteran and long time Holton resident. As a matter of fact when I was in Holton for a book signing last summer, some people still knew where his home was in town and were able to point it out. At some point he moved to Twin Lake, the next small village, because his son, my great grandfather, and then his son, my grandfather were born in Twin Lake. For years, every July, family reunions were held at the Twin Lake park on the shores of the lake. I sometimes long for those days when I was a little girl running freely all over the park, while my mother and aunts set up the tables loaded with food. This is where I met my second and third cousins and great aunts and uncles. It was truly an idyllic childhood, and now that I'm an adult, I realize how special it was.
So here are two pictures of my two times great grandfather, Aaron Kitchen, with his flag, and the other one is with his family somewhere at a campground, (notice the cast iron stove they took with them. No grills in those days.) I only wish I had a picture of his father who first settled here from Canada in 1845. Maybe some day one will turn up.

My great great grandfather, Aaron

                                                       Aaron,(no hat) and his family. His wife Frances Louisa (Lou) is across the table.

Sunday, February 2, 2020

Valentine's Day

It's the most romantic day of the year.  And what better books to read than my series called A Slip in Time.  Each one of the first three books is full of romance and passion, with a little suspense. So I have a suggestion.  Buy them for yourself and your spouse.  I have a large male following, and they all seem to love them. Spend a little time reading out loud to each other, just like the 'old' days.  Believe me, these stories will get you both in the mood for romance! Warning: they are addictive and the next book is still being written, so you'll be left waiting for the rest of the story for a few months. But I'm working hard just for you.  Happy Valentine's Day

Yesterday's Tears
Yesterday's Hopes
Yesterday's Dreams

Thursday, January 23, 2020

Yesterday's Dreams is #1 & a Great Review

     Yesterday's Dreams was just released on Tuesday, and by Thursday morning it was #1 in New Releases in Time Travel Romance and #3 in New Releases in Historical Romance, a new category for me. At this moment all three of my "A Slip in Time" books are in the top 50 in the Time Travel Romance category.  The title of Book #3 is called Yesterday's Dreams but this is today's dream for me.  I can't believe how well these books have been received. One of the reasons is my followers.  You have been so supportive and willing to share my Facebook posts to help others know about my books.
     Jena Henry at recently did a wonderful article about me including a very insightful review of my newest release. Check it out here and learn all you need to know about the A Slip in Time series.

Yesterday's Dreams

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Yesterday's Dreams Kindle Edition

Yes!  The Kindle version is available now!  As it has not yet linked with the paperback, here is the link for Kindle only in the US.  Soon you will be able to find them on the same page together.
Yesterday's Dreams, Book 3 of A Slip in Time

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Yesterday's Dreams Release Day

Yesterday's Dreams, book 3 of A Slip in Time, has been released!  So far it is only the paperback that is available.  I'll let you know the minute that the Kindle is ready.  Thank you for being patient.  I'm sure you'll think it was worth the wait.

A little blurb to entice you:

Yesterday's Dreams, Book Three in O'Brien's series called A Slip in Time, continues with our favorite characters, Francine, Luke, Dora, and Wade. The two sisters each love a Grainger brother, but one love has been fulfilled, while the other love is torn apart by two different centuries.
   Fran and Luke begin to make a wonderful life for themselves while living in her family's cottage. Many ups and downs keep this couple close to our hearts, as they struggle with decisions that will affect their future, with fear of being discovered, and with illness that threatens the loss of life.

   Dora has returned to her own century with a broken heart. She leaves the love of her life behind to sort out his problems with his family.  Knowing she can never go back again, she tries to forge a new life while still keeping in touch with her sister in the 1880s through messages left in the trunk. As time passes we see Dora struggle to forget Wade, but illusive dreams continue to visit her in the night, tempting her to return to a crooked smile and loving arms.