Monday, June 17, 2019

Five Star Review for Yesterday's Tears!

     I want to think all of you for the wonderful comments and praise that I have been receiving both here and at my Facebook page.  It seems that Yesterday's Tears is quite a success.  My Amazon sales are fantastic.  I know I left you in a cliff hanger, but I promise book two is coming soon.  I am already almost half way there. 
     I am finding this subject matter of time travel romance exhilarating to write about, and the ideas are flowing faster than I can write them down.  I am very pleased with the ratings and reviews, but I would really appreciate it if you have not done so, to please leave your comment or just a star rating at either Goodreads, or Amazon.  It helps so much to boost me up the chart.  Yesterday's Tears was in the top 100 for two days and that's after less than 30 days after publication.  Amazing.  Now I need to keep it up there, and for that I need you.
     I appreciate you all so much.  Thanks again for loving my new book.

Here's a clue to something that's in my story. 

Once you read about my post Civil War story, you'll understand the reason for this quilt block.