Friday, July 19, 2024

New Cover

 I know it's early for this, but I so love this cover that I couldn't wait to show you.

Most authors don't name their books until they're finished writing, but I have to name my book first. I like to have a sense of what the story is about at all times. And the same goes for the cover. I like to look at it from time to time to get inspiration. I actually begin planning it out before I start to write. In fact, I'm already thinking about the next one!
I was with one company for the entire time I've been writing but when they sold out things were not to my liking. I now have a great graphic artist to help me with my projects. It's my very own brother at JMK Graphix We wonder why we didn't collaborate earlier, but I was established with the other place and he had not started his business yet. It's nice to work with family, and we communicate very well. What do you think of our latest creation?

Tuesday, July 2, 2024

Beach Time!

Did You Know?

 It’s beach time here in West Michigan. I love reading with my feet in the sand and the warm sun on my body (although usually I sit under an umbrella). But the last time I went, I forgot to take my Kindle. No problem. I had the Kindle App on my phone and it syncs to the last page I read on the Kindle at home. Yes, the screen is smaller but it works in a pinch. And it’s free!

Thursday, June 13, 2024

Favorite Book

 It's been a few days since I posted anything. Here's why.

I'm working very hard on Book 5 of Branches of Time . I already have the cover and title. It's almost killing me to hold it back, but I want it to be a surprise for you, so you'll have to wait a bit longer. In the meantime, I'm also trying to plan book 6. So yes, in answer to some of your questions, there are a few more to come in this series yet. But I'd like your opinion on how I'm doing so far. I'd really like to know what is your favorite in this series? This will help me to figure out in what direction I should go next.

Thursday, May 23, 2024

How My Time Travel Works


Are you fairly new to reading time travel? When I started writing it, in 2019, I was new to writing it, but not new to reading it. I was a big Diana Gabaldon fan, not just on the TV series, but I've read every one of the Outlander books. Since I was a child I found the idea of going to another time fascinating, but I noticed that every author had a different vision as to how it should work. By know you know that, in my mind, it happens through DNA and family connections, and not with machines.
Recently there was a discussion about the ages of my characters and how it all works. I can tell you this. In my time traveling world, the years are parallel, and by that I mean, they are continuously happening at the same time. Confusing? It is to me, too, which is why I keep a family tree on each line and detailed dates and places. Here's how it goes for the main character, Francine Clark, in the A Slip in Time series. Fran was born in 1994, so at the beginning of the series in 2019, she is 25 years old. When she pops back to 1875, she is still 25 years old. She will age according to her original birth year, but they are always 144 years apart.
In 2025 she is 31
In 1881 she is 31
In 1882 she is 32
In 2036 she is 42
In 1929 she is 79 --that would be 2073-- which is why it would be such a disaster for her to return to her own time.

When you started the new series Branches of Time, Skye, did you notice that Ginny and Daniel were not as old as they were in Yesterday's Memories, Book 12 of a Slip in Time? That's because Skye began in 1907, so they were only in their mid fifties then. In other words, I went backwards twenty-two years to when Skye was only twenty. 2051(future)-144=1907(past)

When you read my books it's best to watch the year changes within that story line, but please don't get too bogged down in the family details and years. I'll keep it straight for you and try to remind you along the way. And I keep a list of characters and their relationships at the back of the book, just in case you need to refresh yourself, but beware of spoilers.
Hope this helps for those of you who have been asking.

Saturday, May 11, 2024

Branches of Time


I love seeing all four books of my newest series together.  I can't wait for you to see the next cover I have planned for book 5! In the meantime go to for a list of all of my books. Be sure to read any of my series in order for the full romantic experience. 

Tuesday, May 7, 2024

New Release!


 My newest book, Finding Cade, Branches of Time, #4, has just been released in both Kindle and paperback!

Read the description to see what exciting words are about to come your way, then click on any linked title to take you directly to the Amazon page.

Cade Kent Kestler has been a caring and protective brother, always watching out for his daring sister, Skye, since the day she was born.  But this time he had to take care of himself.

Cade and Skye only recently learned that their parents had time-traveled with them from 2035 to 1885 as children, in order to find a safe way of living.  Now that the secret is out and they have learned how to time travel themselves, the adventurous Skye was eager to seek out her ancestors and immerse herself in their lives, but Cade was against this practice, saying it was dangerous and would only lead to trouble.  Unfortunately, the time has now come when Cade has no choice.  He has to use their secret power in order to save himself from a fight that was about to prove deadly.  Escaping the only way he knew how, he pressed his secret button and discovered he had gone farther back than he had planned.  He was now in 1831 in a Potawatomi village along the shores of Lake Michigan.

Who are these people, and how will they receive him?  Why does he feel so comfortable here?  How is it possible that he can understand their language?  And why does he feel a close connection to the lovely Kewaunee, the native woman who saved his life?

When Skye discovers her brother is missing, the frantic search begins.  She turns to the love of her life, Remington Hart, a man from the future who first came to take her back to the year where she belonged.  Remington has a tracking device which should be able to find Cade, but it has failed.  Rem has promised Skye he will do all he can to find Cade, but will it be enough?  Will Cade be lost to them forever?  Will Skye and Rem’s love survive the turmoil?

Continue this family saga with Finding Cade, Branches of Time, Book 4.  There is danger everywhere as the future encroaches on the past.  Who will survive and who will not?

If you’re a fan of Diana Gabaldon and the Outlander, you will love this series.

Friday, April 26, 2024

Giveaway Time!

 It's almost time to release a new book, which means it's time to give away something.  If you'd like to win, head over to my Facebook page, join my page if you're not already a follower, and then simply leave a comment and tag a friend who also likes to read.  Hurry!  You only have until Sunday. 

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Monday, April 1, 2024

Spring, here we come!!

     I hope you had a wonderful Easter. It's a time of hope for the future and reflections on the past.

I already have a list of things I want to accomplish this season, now that we are able to move about more easily here in the Midwest. How about you?
First and foremost is publishing my next book, Finding Cade. I have a deadline in my head for sometime in May. I think I"m on track if I don't spend too much time writing here. Ha ha. And I'm so excited because I now have the title for the book after that!
But really, my list is for time with my family, especially my husband. We are going to do small day trips once a week to local tourist places within our state that we tend to overlook because they're always there. My city is growing, but more importantly it seems to be updating at warp speed. Everything is shiny and new downtown. There are so many new restaurants to sample, small shops, and a few new parks to walk. I look forward to picnics at Lake Michigan and to watching the boats go through the channel from Muskegon Lake to Lake Michigan. That last one probably sounds silly to anyone who does not live near water, but to me it is one of the most relaxing things I can do. Just find a bench and watch the boats go by. And it's even better with a book in hand. The sounds of the boat motors putting slowly along ( channel speed is 'no wake') and the lapping waves does me a world of good.
What are your plans for spring and summer? Do you like to sit outside and read? Favorite authors? Do you have any new titles you'd like to suggest? Let's call this a sharing day. I'm truly interested.

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Friday, March 29, 2024

National Vietnam War Veterans Day



Today is National Vietnam War Veterans Day. I like to take a moment to thank those who fought so bravely so many years ago.

(Copied form the Internet)
"29 March is a fitting choice for a day honoring Vietnam veterans. It was chosen to be observed in perpetuity as March 29, 1973 was the day United States Military Assistance Command, Vietnam was disestablished and also the day the last U.S. combat troops departed Vietnam Day."
Although my husband was not in Vietnam, he was in the Pacific in Taipei, Taiwan for two years working in his trained field as communications technician. Without the support of all of the Vietnam Era Military, those that were 'in country' could not have done their jobs.
We appreciate you all! Thank you for your service.
(My guy is middle row, second from the left)