Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Yesterday's Woes Book Blurb

With my book moving through the hands of others for the editing/proofreading process, I'm getting a little antsy.  My routine is upset because there's nothing to write, so I wrote the Amazon description.  I'm offering it to you, if you care to see what is coming, but be assured there are no spilled secrets here, unless you have not caught up to book book 4.  If so, go no further!  Read at your own discretion.

Traveling through time and life has never been easy for the Clark sisters, but in this fourth book of the ‘A Slip in Time’ series, life is more problematic than ever.  Every character we have grown to know and love has a trouble or ‘woe’ of their own.  Every thought or idea of the way we expected life to turn out for them is turned upside down.
Luke and Fran have a new plan for their future, but there always seem to be obstacles in their way.  Can they fulfill their dream?
Dora and Daniel find themselves in a marriage that’s barely hanging on by a thread, until a tragedy binds them together, but for how long?
Ned London is not exempt from troubles of his own in 1881.  Will he lose everything, or will he be able to forge a life for himself?
Ruth can only stand by and watch as the love of her life, Ned, charts another course; and Mavis, her best friend, struggles to find a way out of being the ‘mother’ to her siblings.  Growing weary of the job that was thrust upon her at an early age, Mavis chooses a dangerous course with a stranger.  Will she regret her decision?
The Village of Twin Lake is growing.  New people are arriving every day.  Some will have a profound impact on the lives of the people we already know and love.  How will they affect the lives of the Clarks and the Graingers?  Only time will tell.

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

How to Get Free Books

I'm not sure about your area, but our libraries are closed along with the schools, restaurants, bars, and just about everything else. No one wants to go to a bookstore if it's open, because someone else may have touched the book before you. Don't get me started on my thoughts about how the media is driving this panic. I've stopped watching the news, anyway. If you're an avid reader you might have said "Oh well, I'll stay home and read." But what happens when you deplete your stash on the floor next to your bed? There's always Kindle, and if you don't have one, here's a simple solution.
I've mentioned this before but it bears repeating for my new followers. The Kindle app is free! Yes free!!! You can download it on your iPad, phone, or laptop. Then if you have an Amazon account, you can buy all you want without touching a thing. If you don't have an Amazon account, get one. It's free too.
If you sign up with Kindle Unlimited -- which is where you pay $9.99 a month and have unlimited access to free books -- you're all set. I believe they're still offering a one month free trial. And guess what? It just so happens that all of my books are listed with Kindle Unlimited, so all of my 16 books are free to KU users. You can't get any better than that. Now relax, and read, and let this world settle down. This madness will soon be over. Stay healthy.

Friday, March 13, 2020

Star Ratings

   I've had something on my mind lately. I thought it would be interesting to hear what my readers have to say about rating books on Amazon and Goodreads. Here's the question: When you rate a book, do you rate it based on the story content, the writing style of the author, or how you like or dislike the characters?
A few years ago when I was working as a librarian, I told a coworker how I disliked the main character in a book by Barbara Kingsolver, who is one of my favorite authors. The book is called The Poisonwood Bible. The character was a missionary who took his family to a dangerous place in Africa because he felt God wanted him to. Throughout the book I got more upset with the MC because I felt he was selfish to leave his children in such a dangerous place. So when she heard me recommend the book to someone as being a great read, she said "I thought you disliked the main character." "Yes, I did," I said. "But then why did you recommend the book?" I said because the author had brought out many emotions in me, and I recognized her skill. I felt like I knew him, and I ached for his family. Even though I did not like the character, did not mean I did not love the story.
   Most of my reviews on Amazon and Goodreads are very good, and I am completely honored and humbled, but recently when I got a very bad review because someone thought Dora was selfish, I was shocked. Some people have told me they are on Team Wade or Team Daniel. Some dislike Dora, but some find her troubled and sad. Frankly, I wanted you to see all sides of her. We all have many sides to our personalities, so I was glad readers were getting worked up over her.
If you dislike a character, but love the story, would you rate the book badly? Would you quite reading? Reviews are very important to keeping the book at the top of the list so others can find it. How have you handled reviews in the past?

Monday, March 9, 2020

Yesterday's Woes Cover Reveal

I have been debating with myself as far as when I should do a cover reveal for Yesterday's Woes, Book 4, in A Slip in Time. I don't anticipate releasing this book until May, but I am just so excited about the title and the cover that I could not hold back any longer. So ....here it is! What do you think?