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Five Star Reviews

The reviews have started to come in for Emmy and Clay.

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it was amazing

“Something magical was about to happen”. So it says in this book, Book 5 in the series, but really the magic began with the first book in the The Unforgettables series. This is a book series that entertains, engages, thrills and bring to life love and its passions.

Emmy and Clay ties together the themes of the first four books. Each book in the series has focused on a couple, Ruby and Sal, Maisy and Max, Ivy and Fox, Georgy and Jack. Some have lived exciting lives and have been part of history. Others have been searching for “something”, whether love, family, or meaning and purpose.

In addition to the people of the series, there are also two other important “characters.” The ruby and diamond necklace and the town and area around
Muskegon Michigan, near Lake Michigan are both vital and beautiful elements in this series.

Author Jane O’Brien always creates a well-crafted and beautiful story and you could read this book as a stand-alone. But I wouldn’t suggest it- the emerging tapestry of the progression of each book should be enjoyed, beginning with Book 1.
Now on to Emmy and Clay. We met Clay in Book 4, but as the author tells us in her endnotes, he was a minor character in that story, put in more as a diversion to a mystery. He came to Michigan to explore his past, as he was adopted. In Book 4, he joined a local adoption resource group and made good friends. He is wealthy and single and decided to settle in Muskegon.

At the beginning of Book 5, Clay is on his way to England to try and learn more about his birthmother. I should mention that there are possible triggers, around adoption and sexual attack.

As Clay walks around London he discovers a mystical fortune shop, with a mysteriously attractive young woman. She tells him, “You came here for a reason, Clay. You have to return this bracelet to her.” The bracelet is a gorgeous sapphire and diamond strand.

When Clay tries to learn more from the unusual woman, she goes on to say, “She belongs to me, and therefore I belong to you.”

Although Clay at first is put off by her unexpected and odd remarks, he begins to feel a strong pull to find a particular woman, a woman that he would fall in love with.

He returns to his mansion near Lake Muskegon and has dreams about an “elusive dark-haired nymph.” (Take a look at the stunning book cover to see the nymph!) After his dream, he encounters a woman, Emmy, who immediately captures his heart. Is she the one? Can Clay, with the help of the sparking sapphire bracelet find his own lover, and connect almost two hundred years of passion?

We get to know Emmy, a bright and beautiful young woman, who is at the beginning of her career and adult life. Emmy has an unusual gift and magical family lineage.

Throughout the book series, and in this book, we see configurations of family. Clay’s family was formed by adoption. Clay’s friends in Michigan are just like family to him. Emmy has a sister, but they have a troubled relationship.

Author O’Brien frequently includes local history in her books and in this book, we learn about Father Jacques Marquette and Louis Joliet. Father Marquette was a French Missionary who explored the country including Michigan, in 1672.

Emmy and Clay brings together a two-hundred-year history of passion, a sparking bracelet, the beauty of soul mates, and destiny. “To be loved by the one who was chosen for you is a special gift.”

I asked Author Jane O’Brien to describe her feelings about her book series. She replied, “Our ancestral connections are deep and strong. After 35 years of family tree research, I have discovered one thing. As humans we seem to have a need to know our roots. The pull of DNA is powerful. I've felt it standing in front of a grave that is 150 years old, for a family member I have never met. It gives me chills every time”.

I am the mother of two adopted children and I will say, we don’t have to be connected by blood to know that family connections run deep, yet I agree that there is some mystery to how we are joined together with the people who are chosen for us.

After reading the final book in the series, I can fully appreciate the series title- The Unforgettables. We are all connected through time and history. We can never be forgotten, because there is always a spark, whether from a necklace or bracelet, or some other form that connects us, that continues. I highly recommend this deep, yet eminently readable book and series that will move you to joy, tears, and gratitude. Thank you, Author Jane O’Brien.

I received an ARC from the author, and this is my honest review.

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Release Day

I'm so excited BECAUSE  it's Release Day for both paperback and Kindle versions of Emmy and Clay, the final book in The Unforgettables.  Be the first to read it in your group.  Please leave a review.  I can't wait to hear what you think of it.  It already has a five-star review by author, book blogger, and reviewer, Jena C, Henry. What a great start.   Read it here:

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Get Ready!

Somethings's Coming, Something Good!
The final book of The Unforgettables, Emmy and Clay, will be released on Monday, January 14th.
Get ready for a surprising finish.  Who are Emmy and Clay, anyway?  All will be revealed.  More romance, more suspense, more magic, and even more gypsies.  I can't wait to hear what you think of this one.

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Hold on to Your Hat!

Hold on to Your Hat!  Emmy and Clay, Book 5 of The Unforgettables is coming soon.  
I can't wait for you to read the stunning conclusion to this series.
Haven't started to read it, yet?  You're in luck.  Ruby and Sal, Book #1,  is free as of tomorrow, January 10th, for Kindle readers for five days only!  Check it out..

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It's 2019!

Happy New Year to all of my wonderful followers.  May all of your dreams come true.