Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Yesterday's Woes Book Blurb

With my book moving through the hands of others for the editing/proofreading process, I'm getting a little antsy.  My routine is upset because there's nothing to write, so I wrote the Amazon description.  I'm offering it to you, if you care to see what is coming, but be assured there are no spilled secrets here, unless you have not caught up to book book 4.  If so, go no further!  Read at your own discretion.

Traveling through time and life has never been easy for the Clark sisters, but in this fourth book of the ‘A Slip in Time’ series, life is more problematic than ever.  Every character we have grown to know and love has a trouble or ‘woe’ of their own.  Every thought or idea of the way we expected life to turn out for them is turned upside down.
Luke and Fran have a new plan for their future, but there always seem to be obstacles in their way.  Can they fulfill their dream?
Dora and Daniel find themselves in a marriage that’s barely hanging on by a thread, until a tragedy binds them together, but for how long?
Ned London is not exempt from troubles of his own in 1881.  Will he lose everything, or will he be able to forge a life for himself?
Ruth can only stand by and watch as the love of her life, Ned, charts another course; and Mavis, her best friend, struggles to find a way out of being the ‘mother’ to her siblings.  Growing weary of the job that was thrust upon her at an early age, Mavis chooses a dangerous course with a stranger.  Will she regret her decision?
The Village of Twin Lake is growing.  New people are arriving every day.  Some will have a profound impact on the lives of the people we already know and love.  How will they affect the lives of the Clarks and the Graingers?  Only time will tell.

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