Sunday, July 8, 2018

Georgy and Jack Book Blurb

The publishing process has begun.  But while we wait, I decided it was okay to share the book blurb with you.  Just a something to tease you with.

 Book 4 of The Unforgettables, Georgy and Jack, continues the story of Ivy and Fox with a family thread that will surprise the reader.
     As Ivy researches a new book that she is writing about her hometown's benefactor, she discovers more than she bargained for.  In the process of taking a class to learn how to research lost family members, she meets new and interesting people who will become lifelong friends.  The long search for her husband's son who was given up for adoption when Fox was a teenager begins to consume her.
     As each person in the class struggles to find their own family member, they discover things about themselves that are both surprising and heart-wrenching.  
     With laughter, tears, mysteries, and romance, this group of people will warm your heart, as you sort out the entanglements of their lives along with them.

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