Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Kindle Vella is Here!

 Kindle Vella has been released! And here is my story, The Golden Crystal. It's a spinoff of The Unforgettables where the character named Gina created magical moments with the necklace and bracelet. You can only read Vella on your iPhone or computer. No Androids as yet. And it's only for the US market. The first three episodes are free. After that you buy tokens to continue reading. In the end the tokens would equal the same price as the cost of a kindle book. So far I only have 11 episodes to offer. One episode will be downloaded a week, similar to a TV show. Check it out and leave me a thumbs up if you like it. You can also 'follow' the story and be informed when a new episode is published. It's something new and exciting to explore.

Here's the link to my story:
Scroll down to the episodes and click "see more episodes" if all the episodes aren't showing.
Let me know what you think.

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