Thursday, October 7, 2021

New Release Coming Soon

 I have some exciting news.! I have already told you about my Vella project for Amazon, BUT I know some of you are not ready to try this venture they have going. Sooo, I have decided to publish it as a book when Amazon gives me the go-ahead. There's a thirty-day waiting period after the last episode is published on Vella. I should be able to release it sometime in November. Originally, it was meant to be a stand-alone spin off of The Unforgettables, but I realized that it has a lot more to offer, so it will now be a short novel following Emmy and Clay, and listed as Book 6 of that series, with more to come. If you haven't read The Unforgettables or need a refresher, I suggest you get ready. You really must know the story line of the previous five books to fully enjoy it.

This is a new Gina, but she ties in with the Gina in The Unforgettables. As I began to write it, I fell in love with this mystical and magical person. You won't want to miss out, and it will be a good read while you wait for the next book in A Slip in Time. Here's my updated cover, all ready for Kindle. I'm hoping to do a paperback edition, also. What do you think? Are you up for it? I'll let you now the minute it's released.

You can find The Unforgettables listed on my author page.

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