Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Coming Soon

 I did a happy dance yesterday, because I finished Yesterday's Treasures, Book 10 in A Slip in Time. I'll take a day off so I can start with a fresh mind tomorrow, then I'll begin the arduous task of proofreading and editing, before the manuscript is sent off to my beta readers for more critiquing. But with any luck, this book might come to you earlier than I originally thought. Stay tuned. The Boys might need you!


  1. I've gone from #1 in your slip in time series to # 9 in a matter of weeks and read #10 would be out spring of 2022. We are in spring of 2022, when exactly will it be out? I want to read more or finish the series. Please don't make me wait too long.��

    1. Thanks for writing! This book is in editing now and then has to go through a rigorous proofreading. I'm hoping it will be released in late April but I can't confirm a date. Please be patient. I think you're going to like it! Follow here or on my Facebook page for updates.