Thursday, October 6, 2022

Yesterday's Wishes Has Been Released


 It's finally ready.  I can't wait to hear what you think.

Here's the teaser:

In the summer of 1941, World War II is taking hold and causing havoc around the globe.  Each of the Clark boys is affected in a different way.  Jay wants to continue his college education and become a doctor.  Bob just wants to have fun and meet girls.  But events that follow will disrupt both of their lives.

Having been estranged for a few years, the boys soon find they have a common goal which brings them back together.  Now closer than ever, they need to work together to get through the devastation of the war and the results to come.

Bob meets an interesting person who can shed light on their past adventures and perhaps aid in the discovery of the treasures that are so needed to transport Jay to the 1890s where he can once again see his beloved Sadie.

In the meantime, Sadie misses Jay terribly, but in her loneliness she grows closer to Wyatt, the handsome owner of the local newspaper.  Will she be tempted by other men’s affections?  Will she fall in love?  How long will she wait for Jay to return?  Can the young lovers ever find a way to be together again?

Left alone without Dora, Fran is desperate to return to Luke and her family in the 1800s, also; she is completely unaware of Jay’s struggles.  Life in 2036 is nothing like Fran could ever have imagined.  This modern era will never be satisfactory or acceptable for her.  Since the quilt has failed her, she needs to find another way back in time.  How will her time travel plans coincide with Jay’s in the 1940s?  Will the two time travelers be able to return to their respective loved ones?  Will they ever see their sleepy 1800s Michigan town again?

Read this latest addition to A Slip in Time where anything is possible if you wish hard enough.

Yesterday's Wishes

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