Monday, January 16, 2023

Yesterday's Memories is Almost Here!


It won't be long now that Yesterday's Memories will be released. we're working on the final edit and formatting. The Preface for the story was printed at the end of Yesterday's Wishes. If you didn't get a chance to read it, I am giving you a small sneak peek here. No worries. It's more of a history lesson and will not give away anything about the book. It only sets up the era. Enjoy!
The year was 1902. The calendar was well on its way into the new century, bringing along with it exciting inventions and a new way of living. Times had been good to most of the people of Twin Lake and Holton, although not all had had an easy road. Some of the families had prospered while others had struggled. The last few years had been tough for the farmers as the climate had alternated between too much rain and not enough. Many people began to give up their land and move into the cities where jobs could be had that didn’t revolve around the weather. It assured them of a steady income, and along with that came security. They were discovering how convenient it was to be close to grocery stores, churches, and schools, but at the same time those conveniences came at a cost. The streets were noisy and often dirty. Horse droppings were numerous, making it difficult to keep the streets clean, even though the Dutch and German merchants often swept and scrubbed the streets in front of their stores on a daily basis. A few automobiles had arrived in the big city, a transportation miracle, that brought along with it noise, steam, sputtering, and awe. The speed limit was a whopping ten miles an hour, but still some residents felt it was too fast. There were now over eight thousand cars in the United States and one hundred and forty-four paved miles of road. America was on the move.

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