Friday, July 7, 2023

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If you've been following along with the saga of my hacking fiasco, I can only tell you that nothing has changed.  I tried to set up a new Facebook page, and it was disabled before I even got a start because the hacker grabbed that one, too.  I am done with Facebook.  This is when the age of computers is frustrating.  Facebook has no number where you can call and talk to a human, and I can't log in in order to voice my complaint because according to them I don;t exist anymore.

I won't let them get me down, SOOOO the only other option is to move on.  
You may continue to follow me here on my blog at or on my Goodreads page for Jane O'Brien.  (Please note: there are two other Jane O'Brien's publishing, so be sure to follow the correct one.)  
You can also find me on Instagram.  I plan to be more active there.
I'm also on Twitter.
And soon I'll be on the brand new Threads, but I have a few things to do first before I'm ready to post.

Until I hear from you, I'll be writing Threatening Skye, Book 2 of Branches of Time.  Thanks for hanging on.  I'm so glad you're sticking around.

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