Tuesday, January 16, 2024



I hope you are all staying warm and safe. It's been a crazy last few days here in Michigan. Cold, windy, and plenty of snow. It just keeps coming, but we may be seeing an end to it now. Because of my focus on the weather, I missed talking about something important -- to me, anyway. I never discuss politics here, but as you may be aware of already, my next book, The Book of Jade, takes place in Taiwan.
I lived in this country for two years and because of that I have always held a fondness for the people and their struggles for democracy. On Saturday, over 14 million people voted in a fair and honest election, when the previous Vice President, Lai Ching-te, was voted into the office of President. For the third consecutive election in a row, Taiwan has chosen freedom and independence. I congratulate them on their victory!
Watch for Branches of Time, Book Three, The Book of Jade, Coming soon, I promise!

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