Tuesday, May 7, 2024

New Release!


 My newest book, Finding Cade, Branches of Time, #4, has just been released in both Kindle and paperback!

Read the description to see what exciting words are about to come your way, then click on any linked title to take you directly to the Amazon page.

Cade Kent Kestler has been a caring and protective brother, always watching out for his daring sister, Skye, since the day she was born.  But this time he had to take care of himself.

Cade and Skye only recently learned that their parents had time-traveled with them from 2035 to 1885 as children, in order to find a safe way of living.  Now that the secret is out and they have learned how to time travel themselves, the adventurous Skye was eager to seek out her ancestors and immerse herself in their lives, but Cade was against this practice, saying it was dangerous and would only lead to trouble.  Unfortunately, the time has now come when Cade has no choice.  He has to use their secret power in order to save himself from a fight that was about to prove deadly.  Escaping the only way he knew how, he pressed his secret button and discovered he had gone farther back than he had planned.  He was now in 1831 in a Potawatomi village along the shores of Lake Michigan.

Who are these people, and how will they receive him?  Why does he feel so comfortable here?  How is it possible that he can understand their language?  And why does he feel a close connection to the lovely Kewaunee, the native woman who saved his life?

When Skye discovers her brother is missing, the frantic search begins.  She turns to the love of her life, Remington Hart, a man from the future who first came to take her back to the year where she belonged.  Remington has a tracking device which should be able to find Cade, but it has failed.  Rem has promised Skye he will do all he can to find Cade, but will it be enough?  Will Cade be lost to them forever?  Will Skye and Rem’s love survive the turmoil?

Continue this family saga with Finding Cade, Branches of Time, Book 4.  There is danger everywhere as the future encroaches on the past.  Who will survive and who will not?

If you’re a fan of Diana Gabaldon and the Outlander, you will love this series.

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