Thursday, October 2, 2014

Good News and Bad News

Good and bad news.  I am frantically working out the kinks with the paperback edition.   My editor is hard at work as we speak (or as I write.)  I am hoping it won't be too much longer before it's available.  That's the bad news.  
Now for the good news -- in the meantime, I have decided to offer a price drop on the Kindle edition, in case you have procrastinated in downloading your copy. You can get it right now for only $4.99.  The price will go back up when the paperback edition is online at  Just type in either Jane O'Brien or The Tangled Roots of Bent Pine Lodge.  Tell your friends, and then please leave a review when you have finished reading.  Comments are needed to encourage others to read it if you liked it, and it also helps me to know your tastes so I can be aware of that when I write the next one. 

More good news.  Book Number Two of The White Pine trilogy is finished and awaiting the editing process, (which takes forever), and in the meantime I have a slight start on Book Number Three.  If you hang in there with me, I promise you're going to love reading this series.   Jane O

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