Thursday, October 9, 2014

The Paperback is Ready

     It's finally happened -- the paperback edition of The Tangled Roots of Bent Pine Lodge is available.  I was once told that writing a book was the easy part.  Editing and getting it published is the agonizing part. And it is.  You need to have nerves of steel, and the waiting is almost unbearable.
     But it is finally over, for Book One at least.  I've had Book Two finished for quite a while.  It's called 'The Dunes & Don'ts Antiques Emporium.'  I held back Bent Pine Lodge because I was afraid to move forward with it, so now I have back-to-back books coming out.  That may be good for the reader when it happens, but right now, it means more work with the editing and publishing process. I'm sure I'll get through all of this, and then I can concentrate on Book Three (The Kindred Spirit Bed & Breakfast) which I already have a very small start on.
     So, if you'll hang in there with me, it should be a fun ride.  Thanks, 
Jane O

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