Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Review and Award


What a great day!  I was awarded a Five Star review from Reader's Favorite.  I can now place this beautiful sticker on my book.  Here's what the reviewer had to say:

Review #1: Review by K.C. Finn

Reviewed by:

K.C. Finn

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Reviewed by K.C. Finn for Readers’ Favorite

Skye is a work of fiction in the time travel, adventure, romantic drama, and historical fiction subgenres. It is best suited to the general adult reading audience and was penned by author Jane O'Brien. In this conceptual work that leans more into its historical side than the science fiction aspects, we are introduced to fish-out-of-water Skye in 1907. It soon becomes obvious that Skye doesn’t really belong in her time, and it transpires that Remington Hart, a man from 2051, is looking to find Skye and return her to the future time that she has fled from. But when he meets the time-traveling beauty and sees how simple life could be in her world, Remington’s resolve begins to soften.

Author Jane O'Brien has crafted a beautiful love story with an interesting central dynamic that sets Skye and Remington at odds with each other, but it’s clear to see the burgeoning romantic chemistry the more they clash. One of the features I really enjoyed most about this work was the author’s commitment to character development, as every moment is well-defined with smooth dialogue and the kind of narration that makes you feel like you’re right on Skye’s shoulder with every decision, every heartache and every rush of emotion. The time travel concept is efficient for the plot and makes for some really interesting twists as we get closer to the novel’s exciting conclusion. The other references to futuristic living and The Red Guard are well-placed to give a more solid background to Remington’s character and mission. Overall, Skye is a well-told story with much to offer fans of historical and romantic dramas with a light sci-fi twist.

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