Thursday, May 18, 2023

Skye is Available


 My exciting new novel, Skye, has been released.  It is now ready for you through paperback, Kindle, or Kindle Unlimited.  

If you have not been following previous posts, this new series is called Branches of Time, and is a spin-off of A Slip in Time.  Here is the book description to tempt you.

Skye is a twenty-year-old, dark-haired beauty who is bored to death with her life in 1907.  She has always been a free spirit and challenger of what was expected of her.  While growing up, she was difficult for her parents to control, because she tended to defy all the rules of etiquette for a young woman of her time.  It was not surprising to her brother, Cade, when Skye asked if she could live with him in the city.  She declared she would die if she had to stay another day in the country where nothing ever happened.

Once Skye was away from her parents, Daniel and Virginia Kestler, she began to question who she was and where she had come from.  It soon became clear that something was amiss.  After much probing, she discovered she was a child of time travel and she was not from the century she was living in.  She had actually been born in another year in the future, 2031, and Kestler was not even her last name.  What were her parents hiding from her?  Why had she never been told her real name and birth date?  How would this new knowledge affect her going forward?  And who was the persistent man who was pursuing her through time, from 1907 to 1957 to 1927 and back to 1907 again?


The handsome Remington Hart, a member of The Red Guard, lives in the twenty-first century in the year 2051.  His job is to find all of those who have fled the oppressive government and bring them back to where they belong.  When he realizes it is possible to time travel and one entire family has been living in the nineteenth century, he makes it his quest to find Skye Kent Kestler and return her to her proper place.  But will his judgement be colored when he meets the beautiful Skye?  Will his goals and views of life be changed once he sees what life can be like in a slower, more peaceful time?  Will love pull at his heart and convince him to give up everything he was taught in order to stay with Skye, or will he be pulled into the job he first began?


These two time-travel lovers began with determination on Rem's part to fulfill his duties, and fear on Skye's part of what this strange man in her life wants of her, but a burning desire to be together will change everything.  Only time will tell if the man who was sent to do a job will disrupt a young woman's life by forcing her to go back with him to a life she knows nothing about.


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