Friday, August 18, 2023


 Why YES?  Because I finished Threatening Skye, re-read it myself, and it is now in the hands of my alpha reader.  And so far he LOVES it, and believe me, he can be tough. 

While he is reading, I am tweaking some things plus adding the dedication and updating the character list, which I always place at the back of the book so as not to give anything away. This list is helpful to my readers, as the names of people in my stories are continuous from previous books and so it can get quite lengthy. It also helps me, as I have to refer to it to make sure I keep my people in the right decade and year.  Time travel is quite tricky. 

So it won't be long now.  It still has to make it through the beta reader test, and then it's on to publication.   I can't wait for you to read the newest installment of Branches of Time. 

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