Tuesday, October 10, 2023

Season Changes for Skye


Fall is such a lovely time of year.  This year has been especially nice in Michigan with very little rain fall, nice warm temperatures during the day, and then cooling off at night, which is what turns the trees their gorgeous colors.  We are in the middle of the color change now, and it's fabulous.  But Fall can lull us into a false sense that Spring is just around the corner, when we all know the truth.  I wonder why we are surprised every year when we move into the next season.

This year the Fall season also brought about the release of Threatening Skye, Book 2 in Branches of Time.  I'm so excited with your response to my newest series.  And just like Fall, Rem and Skye go from hot to cold and back to hot again.  How long will Skye run from her pursuer?  And how long will Rem continue to chase her?  And where will her adventures take her next?  Stick around.  There's so much more to come. 

Happy Halloween!  Jane O'Brien

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