Monday, September 4, 2023

It's Almost Here!


Are you getting ready?  Threatening Skye is coming even sooner than you expected.  Perhaps even this week!  Follow along for the big announcement and be the first to read this new adventure.  For now, here's the Amazon Blurb to tease you even more.  

When Skye left 1927 to go back to the year 1907, she discovered she was not as happy to be home as she had first thought she would be, because leaving the future meant she had to leave behind a handsome stranger named Remington Hart.  She felt his presence and saw him in her dreams every night, but knowing he was unattainable because he was from another decade, she forced herself to go on with her life.  Chastising herself for always longing for adventure, she convinced herself to be satisfied with where she was at the moment and enjoy the life she had.  To ease her brother's worries for her safety, she promised to put the thrill of time traveling out of her mind.

As she began dating the charismatic Irishman, MacDonald O'Hara, she found she was often comparing him to the man of her dreams.  Even when it became apparent there was no spark between them, she continued to see Mac, while always longing for Rem.  Little did she know, Rem was a time traveler, too, and he had been sent to 1927 to find her and take her back to 2051, which according to the government was her proper time and place.  Rem was working for the State in The Red Guard, and it was his sworn duty to fulfill his assignment and find all absconders.  He had no choice; he was obligated to bring her and her entire family back.

Completely unaware of the threat that is about to descend upon her, her brother, and their parents, Skye Kent Kestler goes about her daily routine as she continues the search for the ancestors on her family tree.  Longing to know about her past, she continues to dig into the mystery of Lilian DeLuca, her three times great-grandmother, a flapper from the nineteen twenties.  Will Skye be able to follow the trail that leads to unanswered questions about her family, or will she be captured before she has a chance?  What other threats lie around the corner for the unaware time-traveler?  Is there something to fear from MacDonald O’Hara, also?

Book Two, Threatening Skye, in the series Branches of Time, is a spin-off of the loved, Amazon bestselling series, A Slip in Time.  Follow along as a new branch of the family emerges, bringing with it new trials and tribulations.

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