Wednesday, November 1, 2023

Readers Favorite Review


How could I forget to tell you? With the launch of my newest book and my vacation travels, I totally forgot to tell you about a Five Star Review I was given by Reader's Favorite for Yesterday's Hopes. I submitted several books months ago and this one was finally chosen for review. I am thrilled with what she had to say about Book #2 in the Slip in Time series. It is a true honor to receive yet another great review from Readers Favorite. Tell me what you think.
Reviewed by Emily-Jane Hills Orford for Readers’ Favorite
Einstein is quoted as saying that “time is relative.” What he meant is that time is dependent on a person’s frame of reference. Thus, if the frame of reference alters, so does one’s perspective on time. That’s what happened to Fran. In Jane O’Brien’s first book in the Slip in Time series, Fran slipped back in time from the twenty-first century to 1875, from her grandmother’s home in Twin Lake in the present to its original cabin over a hundred years earlier. Now, the saga continues in the second book in this series, Yesterday’s Hopes, when Fran’s sister, Dora, is sitting in their grandmother’s house in the twenty-first century, trying to reach into the past to find Fran. She has the old quilt lying on her lap and a message from her sister in the past, but can she jump back in time and reconnect? And, what will she discover in the past? A new love? Or another broken heart? Is the past a good place for Dora, like it is for Fran? Only time will tell.
Jane O’Brien’s historical fiction time travel novel, Yesterday’s Hopes, is a clever take on parallel possibilities in lives set in the present and in the past. This novel continues with Fran’s growing love for Luke but focuses more on Dora’s trek into the past and her meeting with a handsome man who captures her heart. The two women struggle with conflicting connections, both in the past and in the future. The story is about the bond of family, the power of love, and the history of a world that draws two women to make difficult decisions, not on where to live, but on when to live. This is a powerful narrative that, like the first book, will not disappoint. And there’s more to come: the story isn’t over yet.

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