Tuesday, December 12, 2023



Some of you know that I was seriously hacked on Facebook in July.  I feel awful that I had to discontinue using that page, but I had no choice.  My original page is now controlled by someone else who is using my name and picture and I can't reclaim it or fix it.  They took over my password and created a new one of their own with a two-step verification.  I lost over 1100 followers that day, and worst of all is I know there are some people wondering where I went. They may have stopped reading Jane O'Brien books, because they do not know there have been more published since then.

 Since that time I have had to start over again with a new page, so yes, I'm still here, but my new Facebook page is now listed as Jane O'Brien Author. If you are one of those people who have not moved to my new page, I miss you. Plus you're missing out on the fun. I invite you to follow me again, as there will be a Christmas giveaway any day now.  Plus you can see what new exciting books I have written since summer.  

Branches of Time, Book 2, Threatening Skye was released in September,, and Book 3, The Book of Jade will be released soon after Christmas. Please continue along with me, as I take Skye all over the world.  Nothing can stop this time-traveling adventurer, but who is chasing her? Who will go along with her?  What about the rest of her family? Will the Red Guard A-watcher, Remington Hart ever catch up to her?  As romantic tension runs high; danger lurks right below the surface.

You can find this new series here:


Threatening Skye

  I'm looking forward to seeing you at Jane O'Brien Author on Facebook.  Merry Christmas!

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