Friday, March 29, 2024

National Vietnam War Veterans Day



Today is National Vietnam War Veterans Day. I like to take a moment to thank those who fought so bravely so many years ago.

(Copied form the Internet)
"29 March is a fitting choice for a day honoring Vietnam veterans. It was chosen to be observed in perpetuity as March 29, 1973 was the day United States Military Assistance Command, Vietnam was disestablished and also the day the last U.S. combat troops departed Vietnam Day."
Although my husband was not in Vietnam, he was in the Pacific in Taipei, Taiwan for two years working in his trained field as communications technician. Without the support of all of the Vietnam Era Military, those that were 'in country' could not have done their jobs.
We appreciate you all! Thank you for your service.
(My guy is middle row, second from the left)

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